How to keep Reusable Sanitary Pads stain free

With your order, you will receive a full guide on how to care for your eco-friendly CSP. Frequent change and cold water pre-soak are key.

Why did I choose a undyed fabric for my Sanitary Pads?

5 reasons I chose the natural colour for your eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads:

-organic bamboo comes in natural colour
-most fabric dyes contain chemicals, CSP are in touch with our sensitive area for a long period of time
-unless the fabric dye is organic, the dyed fabric is not organic anymore...
-the fabric dye reduces the fabric's absorbency capacity
-the fabric dye only hides the stains, doesn't keep away the stain

Custom and personalised orders

Some of my products have a custom option regarding the colour of the thread or different combinations of sizes/fabric print options in a pack.
If it is non-available, please do send me a message and I would happily do my best to help you. Please keep in mind these will take longer to make and deliver.

Wholesale availability

Wholesale available, please send me a message or an email and I would be happy to help.