Pack of 2 Handmade Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

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The Details

Reusable breast pads are an eco-friendly, zero waste, and luxurious alternative to disposable breast pads. 

They are very comfortable. 

Take a few minutes to wash them and save your money as well as the environment. 

You could extend their life by reusing them as reusable makeup removers when you don't need them as breast pads any longer. 

A pair of washable bamboo breast pads made from organic bamboo velour soft and delicate for your skin, bamboo absorbent middle layer, and fleece. 

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly crop with natural antibacterial and thermos regulating properties and is perfect for sensitivities. UK fabric supplier. Bamboo fabrics are much more absorbent than cotton fabric, they are breathable and very soft next to the skin. Velour absorbs fast, but won't dry out your skin. The fleece fabric at the back is used as a waterproof layer.


Ultra Absorbent (3 layers) 7.5 cm & 10 cm, white back fleece, grey stitches

Absorbent (2 layers) 7.5 cm & 10 cm, lemon back fleece, grey stitches

CARE: These can be washed at up to 60 degrees, please do not use a fabric conditioner as it will reduce the absorbency of the fabric. They can be tumble dried too. 

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