Individual Waste Free Reusable Strong Produce Bags

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The Details

Eco-friendly, waste-free, plastic-free, strong reusable produce bags, ideal for those aspiring to a zero-waste sustainable lifestyle.

 A great and strong alternative to plastic or paper bags.

These produce bags are made with 100% cotton fabric (local supplier) creating strong bags for your vegetables, and fruit shopping. You can also use them for dry pulses, rice, seeds, cereal, beans, oats, popcorn and other dry ingredients.

Lightweight, so you do not pay extra when your produce is weighed 

See-through: easily see what is inside your bag. 

Breathable so that your product doesn't rot quickly. 

Much better for the environment, zero waste. 

Undyed, natural colour, so better for the planet too. 

Hand-made from 100% cotton fabric and extra strength stitches.


Size: 24 cm by 31cm 

Size: 19cm by 20cm 

CARE: Washable – cold water, a small % of shrinkage is considered normal when hot water is used.

Hang to dry, iron if you wish.

Eco packaging.

Cotton twine drawstring For PYO supermarket fruit and veg •Replace flimsy plastic bags and stronger alternative to paper bags 

 Eco-friendly packaging. 

If you have any questions, please contact me :)

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