Eco-friendly Handmade Reusable Plastic-Free Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads, Washable Period Pads, Starter Pack Option Reusable Menstrual Pads, CSP

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Handmade Reusable Plastic-Free Luxury Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads, Cloth Menstrual Pads, CSP, Washable and Reusable 

These handmade reusable sanitary pads are made of certified organic bamboo velour (OBV), a very soft and comfortable fabric. 

The external layer and waterproof backing are made of fleece making them breathable but waterproof without plastic. They are great for the "oops moments" too. 

The ultra-absorbent option has one more super absorbent middle layer. The night options are longer, as you are in a horizontal position and sleeping, the flow is lighter but you need them to be a bit longer. The wings are made of organic bamboo velvet fabric and fleece so that they are ready to catch any ”spills.”

 Note: tighter fitted underwear would be advisable to avoid any possibility of movement of your pad. 


Day Regular (pink stitches): 8 ½ inches long by 4 inches wide; OBV + fleece, 2 snaps 

Day Ultra (purple stitches): 8 ½ inches long by 4 inches OBV + extra absorbent layer + fleece, 2 snaps 

Night/Maternity Regular (grey stitches): 10 ½ inches long by 4 inches wide; OBV + fleece 

Night/Maternity Ultra (navy blue stitches): 10 ½ inches long by 4 inches wide; OBV + extra absorbent layer + fleece 

Tester start-up pack of 4: 1Day Regular, 1Day Ultra, 1 Night Regular & 1 Night Ultra 

Start-up Pack of 7: 3xDay Regular+3xDay Ultra+1xNight Regular Multipacks here: 

 Organic Bamboo Velour Fabric is a lightweight, highly absorbent fabric that has a luxury fabric quality, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial with great absorbency levels. It is soft to the touch and has a beautiful velvety texture and sheen to it. It stays soft after many washes, is eco-friendly and its natural fibres have antibacterial properties. 


Wash pads with like colours and your usual detergent.

 Pre-soaking in cold water is advisable. Tumble Dry on low/medium heat or hang to dry. 

Do not use fabric softener or chlorine bleach as it would alter the fabric quality. 

Eco-friendly packaging. If you have any questions, please contact me :) 

RETURNS: Cloth sanitary pads are a hygiene product and are not returnable unless faulty. Please contact me if you believe your pad to be faulty, and I will do my best to repair, replace or refund the pad.

  • Reviews (6)

    I ordered these a few months ago and they’re great! I was completely new to reusable pads before this, and I highly recommend the starter pack option for anyone thinking of making the switch. The pads are super comfortable and absorbent, and the cleaning process isn’t as difficult as you might think. Transitioning to gradually using these more and more during my periods now and I’m really happy with the product and my progress


    Holly on 04 Mar, 2023 5 out of 5 stars Beautiful quality. Thin but soft and absorbent. I recommend the night time version for better length and coverage.


    Marvellous for ladies of a certain age who have ooops moments. I feel confident safe and clean.


    I've been using these reusable pads for a couple of months now and I'm so happy I made the swap! They're well made, comfortable to wear, wash really well and save an awful lot of waste which is brilliant. I was initially concerned about swapping to washable pads but it's really not been any hassle at all. If you've been considering swapping to reusable pads then I'd definitely recommend giving these a try! Thank you so much x


    Fantastic product, well made and great for the environment. Will help me out lots once I’ve had my baby in a few weeks time. Thanks x


    They are super soft, arrived very quickly and I can’t wait to try them! Thank you so much! :)

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