Reusable Gift Wrap Spring Theme

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The Details

This is an eco-friendly, reusable fabric gift wrap. 

Give the gift without the rubbish! 

Give them as a gift! Don't forget to reuse them or to put a note to be reused by the receiver of the gift! :)

Choose different sets and sizes available from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: To help choose your size, you would like the fabric's wrap smaller side to be double or a bit more than double of the length + depth of your item you wish to wrap.

GUIDE of using your reusable gift wraps:

-knot: place your fabric in a diamond position, place your item, bring the bottom corner over your item, bring the top corner over the item, fold the fabric if too long, bring the corner of the side together and tie in a  double knot. Optional, can place your label in between the knots or place a decorative item to add your personal touch. 

- for bottles, place a bottle in the middle, tie 2 corners together at the top, cross the other 2 corners on the side and bring around the bottle and tie at the front.

- could bring all corners together and tie them with a string/elastic band etc and raffle the edges into a flower-like display

- wrap as you could with paper and secure the fabric with ribbon or a string of fabric, twine. Etc...

Medium approx 50cm*50cm each - great for books and similar sizes

Small approx. 25cm*25cm -  each - great for jewelry boxes or small items

Packs options:

1. Bike & leaves set of 3= 1 M  + 2S 

2. Hot air balloons set of 2 = 1M+ 1S

3. Small stars & Floral set of 4=  1M+3S

4. Floral set of 3= 3S

5. Whales & Swallows set of 2 = 1 M+1S

6. Blue flowers, Blossom & Flowers Set of 5-2M +3S

7. Sewing & Music notes set of 2 =1M+1S

8. Eiffel Tower & Flowers set of 3 =1M+2S

CARE: hand-wash or wash at a cold cycle with like colours, dry and iron, and reuse. 

Happy Zero Waste! :)

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