Reusable Waffle Unpaper Towels

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The Details

Reusable Unpaper Towels are a simple way to add reusable functions to your kitchen. 

A great addition to your Kitchen, a replacement for your single-use paper kitchen roll, reduce your paper use, and save the trees! 

The weave of this cotton makes these towels super absorbent and excellent and very effective for wiping down surfaces, no smears. Great for wiping fingers when cooking, wiping spills.

 They are perfectly practical in a basket, napkin holder, or drawer next to your sink. Handmade Environmentally friendly

Premium quality 100% Cotton Waffle( local supplier) Natural colour unbleached and grey thread edges

 Size 24cm by 24cm, single layer

Gift Pack includes 4 Wipes size 24x24 cm and 1 Tea Towel 55cmx35cm

Waffle cloth, also known as waffle weave fabric, is a woven fabric that has a recessed pattern created by cords running vertically, horizontally, or both, which creates a square design (hence the name waffle). Waffle is woven in a way that makes it very absorbent, but it also allows air to flow through so it dries quickly. 

CARE: Washing instructions: 30 degrees Celsius, hang out to dry. Waffle fabric becomes more absorbent after the first few washes. A small % of shrinkage is considered normal.

Eco packaging.

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